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NYC Juniors is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization offering over $200,000 annually in financial support to aspiring young volleyball players in New York City.  All donations are tax-deductible.

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Anyela Aquino   NYC Juniors Class of 2016 (Monroe College 2020)
“I moved to NYC from the Dominican Republic when I was 13 years old to live with my mother. I didn’t know any English. My mother was never able to watch me play, but my teammates’ parents were always there for me; gave me rides to tournaments, supporting me, made me feel like I was part of their family. Playing for NYC Juniors changed my life in so many ways.
With my mother being by herself, we couldn’t afford to pay for travel volleyball. NYC Juniors made that possible. NYC Juniors gave me the opportunity to play and do what I loved. It allowed me to focus on my future and what I could be. I learned so much from the coaches. Not just about volleyball, but about working hard, being responsible, and what it means to be a good teammate. My teammates were also very important to me. Although we came from different backgrounds and we didn’t always have things in common, we did have volleyball. We grew so close and they were always there for me. They became my family.
Perhaps the best part was that I was able to go to college to play volleyball and get a degree. I cannot thank NYC Juniors enough for what they provided for me!”

Courtney Bowen   NYC Juniors Class of 2015 (Stanford Univ 2019)

“NYC Juniors gave me the opportunity to pursue a game that I loved at a higher level.  It showed me new sides of the game, and increased the intensity of everything from competition, to training, to travel, to team dynamics. Without NYC Juniors, I’m not sure I ever would’ve discovered how deep my love of the game really was or how far it could ultimately take me.

NYC Juniors exposed me to a whole new world of volleyball that I never even knew was out there, and it allowed me to develop the necessary skills and understanding of the game that would ultimately allow me to end up on a top, Division I, collegiate volleyball team. Fast forward four years and I’m an incredibly proud graduate and alum of the Stanford Women’s Volleyball program. With two National Championship titles, teammate bonds that I know will last a lifetime, and more incredible memories than I can count, I can confidently say that volleyball has changed my life in ways of which I never could’ve even dreamed. And when I trace it back to where it all started, I know that I have NYC Juniors to thank for setting me up on this unbelievable and life changing journey.” 

Catherine Egan   NYC Juniors Class of 2012 (Williams College 2016)
“I started at NYC Juniors as a timid, tall 8th grader, and left as a confident, technically sound volleyball player, who went on to be a 4-year starter and captain at Williams College (where we earned 2 NESCAC Championships, two trips to the Sweet Sixteen and one to the Elite Eight). But it’s the intangible lessons I learned through volleyball that continue to inform my life today, both personally and professionally. 
NYC Juniors instilled in me the importance of teamwork, persistence, time management, and believing in yourself. Throughout my five seasons with NYC, I was mentored by fabulous coaches who pushed me to be the best version of myself, on and off the court. The coaches’ commitment to me as a well-rounded athlete propelled me to work harder, and also speaks to the environment that NYC Juniors fosters. I now coach for NYC Juniors because I believe in its mission, and can personally attest to the impact it had on my life. What an opportunity to give back to a club that gave me so much!”