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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the tryout like? 

The Club’s experienced coaches run tryouts in order to evaluate athletic skill and potential. After a registration and warm up period, the tryout usually consists of various drills in the areas of passing, setting, serving and hitting, followed by game-like situations for the younger athletes, and scrimmages for the older groups. Each athlete will be wearing a numbered t-shirt and his or her skills will be evaluated throughout the tryout. Parents are NOT allowed to interrupt the tryout and must keep a reasonable distance away from the action. After the tryout, the evaluators meet and discuss the possibilities for putting their teams together. Criteria include all the facets that make up good volleyball players, including attitude, potential, and work ethic. Athletes are asked to wear their same numbered t-shirt to all tryout sessions attended.

How many players will make the team?
Standard volleyball rosters are filled with 10-12 athletes, although there are variations. Given substitution rules, it is difficult for a coach to play more than 9 or 10 athletes per game. Some coaches prefer 9 on a team so that everyone is getting maximum floor time. Some coaches will occasionally take more than 12 players if there is upside potential for all of them, although that is the exception rather than the rule.

While is varies based on turnout and age group, only 20%-40% of athletes who tryout will make an NYC Juniors National or Travel team. Interest tends to be lower at 11U, 12U, 13U and 18U age groups, but 13s-17s age groups see 60-100 athletes competing for 20-24 roster spots each year.

How many teams will there be?
Though it varies from season-to-season, the club strives to field at least two team in each of the following age groups:
11U – 12U – 13U – 14U – 15U – 16U – 17U - 18U
For most age groups there will be two teams ("National" & "Travel").

National and Travel teams are comprised of the most experienced, skilled, athletes in a given age group. These teams will commit to (3) practices per week and 7-9 regular season tournaments.

It is the goal of every team to make a run into GEVA Regional playoffs and to compete in a post-season National Championship tournament during the Summer. All players accepting a spot on a team are committing to a season possibly running through early July (IF the team qualifies for Nationals).  Specifics on tournament schedules and team fees can be found under "Girls Travel Teams" tab above.

The Club makes no definitive decisions about size of roster, or number of teams in each age group, until the tryout process is complete.  The coaches of each individual team will then work with their colleagues to fill rosters in a manner that makes the most sense for each coaching staff.

When are practices and games?
Beginning in early November, teams practice two weeknights, usually 7:00-9:00pm, plus Sundays (times vary by team). Tournament play typically begins in early January and the season runs through late April or early May.

Single-day tournaments are held on weekends from January through April or May. National & Regional teams also enter travel tournaments each season, which are a highlight for players and parents.  These tournaments, held in Hartford, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston or farther away depending on the level of team. Tournaments run from 2-3 days, and may require 1-2 missed school days for travel and competition. All athletes should expect to attend tournaments on holiday weekends, including MLK Weekend, President's Day Weekend, and possibly Passover or Easter Weekend.

The goal of the season is to qualify for the USA Volleyball National Championships, which are held in late June or early July, at varying locations across the country. Athletes who accept a spot on a National or Travel team must note that their commitment to the team runs through the date of the Nationals, should they qualify. 

On average, most teams will compete twice monthly at weekend tournaments (from January through April) although it will be less frequent for some of the youngest teams.

Where are the games and how do we get there?
Most of the regional tournaments are held within reasonable driving distance – Peekskill, suburban New Jersey, Queens, and Long Island are frequent venues -- a parent coordinator from each team will help organize transportation to and from tournaments.  We rely on team parents to make sure every athlete has a ride.

For tournaments requiring air travel, the club will organize and book flights for athletes and a designated parent chaperone. Cost for air travel is included in season fees for National-level teams.

For more general tryout information, see Tryout Guidelines.